How to Craft the Petticoat


Making an undercoat for Camille is easy providing you follow a few simple steps and have your materials gathered. You will need lace edge, fabric, thread, and the ability to sew.

To start you begin French stitching the seams and gather the seams at the shoulder so that it meets the front and back section of the bodice. Press after you cut the seams that overlap the armholes. Next cut 10-mm and about 2/5 inches of the thin edges of your lace, cutting it into dual nine ½-inch lengths. One length should be cut around 12 inches lengthwise.

Crisscross your stitches and add 12 inches of length to your lace at the inner region of the untreated edges of your collar. Sew the right side collectively and crisscross, stitching the lace to join with your fabric so that it meets the collar.

Perform the same actions to finish around the armholes. Press the middle of the back at the fold lines until it forms a facing at the back. Stitch in a straight line down the length of your row without stitching the lace near the crown face.

The side seams should connect. Next, use fabric glue to attach the free thread at the seams of your armhole. Press the upper sections of the dress and cut your insertion lace about 2 ½ yards. Spray craft starch to the area and press. Use your inclusion lace, placing it ¼ inch onto the surface stitching row at the skirt bottom.

Now, stitch a straight line so that it joins with the crown of your lace. Press the lace away from the left side of your fabric. Cross-stitch the over crown of your lace without touching the fabric, stitching only into the lace. Cut left over and press. Cut 2 ¼ yards of inclusion lace, starch and then press before placing it over a stitch line from the base line of your inclusion.

First, create an outer stitch line and then press, and stitch another row, press. On the left side, cut your fabric down at the center of your stitch rows. Press your fabric on each end so that it does not touch the lace.

Cross-stitch the base line of your lace. Press, and stitch a couple of lines while collecting your stitches near the waistline. The side seams should connect, as well as the back region. Now you can pin your skirt so that it attaches to the both rights of your bodice. Starting at the middle rear, pin the yokes back and fold your seams permitting the rear back and back room.

The bodice should fit your fabric. Pull it up, collect evenly, and continue to stitch to fitting. Cut the seams and check your zigzags for evenness. Before adding, the edges of your lace to the inclusion make sure that the garment fits your doll. Test it by trying it on her.

Now trim 3 4/5 yards of the ¾-inch edges of your lace. Starch, press, and pull the thread to the crown and at the end and edges of your lace. Collect the lace, gathering it at the bottom and bundle it so that it connects to the inclusion lace.

Finish with a crisscross stitch. Next, complete the edges at the rear seams. Thread the fabric and lace so that it marks your pattern, and pressing once, you make the inclusion even with your stitches. Now you can create buttonholes.

You will need to mark the area where you want to add buttons. Use fabric glue along the buttonholes and pin. Now you can stitch your buttons.

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