Home Crafts For Valentine’s Day Gift


Give unique gifts to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Show your love is one-of-a-kind with fun home crafts that can make it a perfect February 14.

You and the rest of the family can make crafts at home. While it is acceptable to give gifts that you get off the rack; it doesn’t convey any effort. The effort makes the gift doubly special and you don’t need to make it fancy. If the home is where the love is then give love with home crafts that can become great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Heart-shaped crayons
Get worn out crayons and get a candy mold that can be a silicone one or a metal. Fill the molds with colors or combination of colors and melt it using an oven. Melt the crayons for five minutes in 300 degree Fahrenheit heat and then remove it.

Place the mold in a cooling area then add more crayon until you have enough wax to fill the mold. Let them coolmuch more enough to safely store in the refrigerator. Allow them to solidify then you have heart-shaped crayons that you can attach to a greeting card and say to your significant other that she colors your life.

Heart-shaped thought candies
Say what you have in mind with heart-shaped thought candies. Get a recipe on how to make candies and modify it a bit. Get a heart-shaped cookie or candy mold in order to give the candies a shape.

Allow the candies to totally dry and use a food coloring marker to put words on the surface of the candies. If you don’t have a food coloring marker surely you have a toothpick and use it as a writing instrument by dipping it into food coloring.

3D Greeting Cards
Turn your boring and old fashioned two dimensional greeting cards into three dimensional greeting cards that your Valentine will surely enjoy. Buy a nice square frame and fill the background with felt paper, preferably red since it is Valentine’s Day.

Cut out shapes from an ordinary card and have some foam mounting tapes or foam sheets. Paste the shapes on to the background and make it appear as it floats in the air.

Traditional locket
You can buy lockets that you can score from local jewelry stores. There is also jewelry that you can buy from craft stores. There is no need to have the expensive ones because the most expensive part can be found inside. Cut out a picture of yourself and your significant other and put it inside the locket. It is fast, easy and almost effortless craft as a gift.

Borrow a book from the local library about origami art. Buy some colored paper that will suit your project. Find Valentine’s Day themed origami art and use it as an excellent table décor complete with sweet Valentine’s Day messages for your loved one.

Paint-chip Valentine’s mobile
If you have been collective paint chips over the years then it would be good to display them now. Cut your paint chips and shape them into hearts or circles and make a mobile out of it. Use some strings to hang the chips to the ceiling and decorate your home appropriately for Valentine’s Day.

Some Simple Home Crafts For Valentine's Day Gifts

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